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Players to participate in the tournament must have their own FIDE ID as required by FIDE rules in use in the Italian Federation tournaments.

Italian players or foreign players living in Italy on a regular basis must have Italian Chess Federation membership.

Pairing system: Swiss-Dutch. Tie break system: buchholz system. The Chief Arbiter’s decision is final.

With reference to RTF of Italian Chess Federation – article 7.5.1, a bye, corresponding to ½ point, can be requested only once in the first 6 rounds of the Main and Amateur Open and in the first 4 rounds of the Rising and Next Generation tournament. Request, indicating to which round is referred to needs to be introduced arbiters before start of the tournament player intends to take part in.”

Arriving at the board 60 minutes later than the scheduled starting time, forfeits the game.

Players are required to present themselves in the game room with clothing that is appropriate to the international profile of the event (not allowed for swimwear, tank tops, flip flops).

It is not allowed to keep in the playing hall any electronic device,

Partecipation implies tacit and implicit acceptance and the observance of the CONDITION of ENTRY plus maximum sporting behavior.

According to Italian Chess Federation (FSI) rules the organizer reserves the right to make occasional changes where appropriate (prior notice will be given at the start of the event and by the website ) to match scheduled times and rounds to improve the smooth running of the tournament. What is not covered by this announcement and for event regulation please check out official website and FIDE rules on official FIDE webiste




Mancano 10 giorni all'inizio della manifestazione, e purtroppo per il Torneo Rising rileviamo che le iscrizioni non sono sufficienti per poter svolgere il Torneo...

Gli organizzatori pur se con dispiacere, permanendo la situazione, non potranno che prendere la decisione di annullare il Torneo RISING, diamo questa comunicazione con un margine dall’ inizio della manifestazione per dare la possibilità ai pochi attuali preiscritti di organizzarsi per tempo; se qualcuno fra loro deciderà di spostarsi su uno degli altri torneo verrà garantito loro il 50% di sconto sulla quota di iscrizione. Se decideranno di non prendere parte a nessuno degli altri tornei della manifestazione, verrà loro inoltre restituita oltre che la quota di iscrizione, da parte dell' albergo dove avessero prenotato il soggiorno l’intera caparra alberghiera versata.

Scusandoci per l'eventuale disagio, ringraziamo per l’attenzione e la comprensione


IMPORTANT notice about RISING Tournament

there are about 10 days to go before the event starts, and unfortunately, as regards the Rising Tournament, we find that registered players are not enough to start the Tournament ...

The organizers, even if with regret, if the situation persists, they can only take the decision to cancel the RISING Tournament , we give this communication with a margin from the beginning of the event to give the possibility to the few current pre-registered organize in time ; if any of them decide to switch to one of the other tournaments, they will be guaranteed a 50% discount on the registration fee. If they decide not to take part in any of the other tournaments of the event, in addition to the registration fee eventually paid, they will be returned from the hotel where they had booked their stay, the entire deposit paid.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your attention and understanding